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How to run NUTRA offers on Facebook | From A - Z

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Welcome! Today I will share with you one of the ways in which you can promote NUTRA offers without getting your ad accounts banned on Facebook and Instagram, and to maintain a high level of profit.

There are 6 basic steps we need to follow!

  1. Create your own offer page

  2. Warm up the ad account on Facebook

  3. Cloak the offer page

  4. Setup Facebook Pixel

  5. Create Creatives

  6. Campaign creation and targeting

Step 1: Create your own offer page

Never use the offer pages that are provided by the affiliate network you work with; you should create your own offer page. This way your offer page will be unique and it will raise the conversion rate. If you don’t want to create an offer page from scratch, download the offer page from the affiliate network and then modify it, making sure to preserve the layout and browsing speed.

Step 2: Warm Up the Ad Account on Facebook:

You must warm up your ad account well and slowly. For example, for a FB account you would:

  1. Log in to the account you bought and close the browser without logging out

  2. After 3 hours open the browser and create a new page

  3. After 1 hour add the page to your BM

  4. After 3 hours add your payment card to the Ad account

  5. After 5 hours create a campaign with a $15 daily budget

  6. After 2 hours from the approval of your ads, you can gradually increase the budget, $10 each time

Step 3: Cloak offer page

Buy a domain and upload the offer page, then cloak the link to hide it from Facebook bots and admins.

As for the white page, it is as important as the black page, because it is what will keep your ads going. If you have decided to choose a Weight-Loss product write an article about "Weight loss exercise" or "foods to help you lose weight", your white page should be about a similar topic. This should not be difficult because all the information can be found online or on Wikipedia.

*Don't forget to put an image of the ads that you will create inside the white page!

Step 4: Setup Facebook Pixel

Add the Facebook pixel to the Thank You Page. This is very important in order to make Facebook bring similar people to those who sign up for your offer.

*Don't worry, if you install the Facebook pixel to your Offer page, it will not be detected. But you must follow the directions for creating the white page.

Step 5: Create Creatives

In the creative, you have to adhere to one rule. The rule is that the creative should be related to the white and black page at the same time. I will show you some creatives that have been approved through Facebook, so that you have a more clear idea of how to implement this rule.

*In Nutra offers you can put the product, but don't write specifically what this product will do, you can write simple things through Photoshop on the packaging of the product.

One or two words can do the trick, there's no need to write too much in Creative.

Step 6: Campaign creation and targeting

If you follow all the previous steps, this step will be the easiest one. Through my experience in this field, the best targeting is 23+ years, target cities and not whole countries, specify the language, and for interests, I prefer to choose fast food restaurants and plus size shops.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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All the shared tips and advice given to you in this blog are based on our judgments, results, and the information available at a particular point in time. We will not be responsible for the losses or gains made through these tips either legally or otherwise. You are advised to exercise the tips at your own risk. We shall also not be responsible for the failure of your ads for any reason.

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