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1:1 Cloaking Training Course


What does this course contain?

10 live hours with an expert who will teach you how to cloak your offers and run ads on Facebook, Google, or TikTok.

This training course comes with a free copy of The Ultimate Cloaking Guidelifetime membership with CLO-KING

With the 1:1 Cloaking Training Course, you will learn how to create black offers campaignsblack hat creatives, and cloak Facebook pixel code.

You will also learn how to generate cloaking codesetup cloaking filescreate the White Hat page, and filter bots from your offer page.

The Training Course Outline

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You will also get!

Verified Facebook BM.png

Verified Facebook Business Manager

Verified Google Ad Account.png

Verified Google
Ad Account

Verified TikTok Ad Account.png

Verified TikTok
Ad Account

Promote without fear!

Our experts will teach you how to run ads safely without the fear and risk of your ad accounts getting banned.

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Tried and tested methods!

Learn from our experts the creative tricks and methods that will keep your ad accounts alive, and your ads undetected.

Promote like a pro!

You will learn to promote your ads in a professional way that will double your sales, such as using Facebook Pixel, TikTok Leads, and Google Conversion.


Our experts record all the lessons for you!

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