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How to Cloak and Promote Your Products on Google Merchant Center

Today we will talk about one of the biggest problems facing people who own online stores!

Everyone wants their products to appear on Google Shopping because of the great results that will come from your product showing in the Google search engine, especially in the shopping section.

So today we will learn how to show and promote products on Google Shopping in a new way that no one has talked about yet!

To cloak and promote your products on Google Merchant Center, you have to follow these simple four steps:

  1. Create a store with lookalike WH products

  2. Cloak the WH store domain

  3. Submit the WH products to GMC

  4. Turn the cloaking on

1. Create a store with lookalike WH products

You have to create a WH product page similar to your BH product which you want the audience to access, and this WH product must comply with all of Google Merchant Center's polices.

When the image and title of this white product appear on Google, it will be the one that the customer will also see, so make sure that only the image and title are similar to your BH product, as for the rest of the product details, they mustn't be in violation of Google policies.

2. Cloak the WH store domain

In this step, you have to upload your cloaking file as an index file to your primary domain.

You have to define the WH page index as a (w.html), so all the WH store's files will be related to this (w.html) which is the main index previously.

Add (b.html) file and put the redirection code then set up your BH store URL inside it.

For the products, you have to use the same method. Go to the product page domain from your hosting, rename the index file to (w.html), insert the cloaking file as an index then add (b.html) with the redirection code inside it, then set up your BH product page inside this code.

3. Submit the WH products to GMC

Now you have to go to your Google Merchant Center account and add a product from the WH store that is similar to your BH product.

Try to make the price of your product a little lower than the price of the products displayed on Google Shopping in order to help your product appear first in the search results faster.

Don't forget to submit the same photo on both the WH and BH product pages.

4. Turn the cloaking on

You have to keep your cloaking off while the WH link is in review, so both the bots of Google and the real audience will see the WH product.

After getting clicks on the WH product, you can turn the cloaking on, so the real audience from the target country can see your BH product.

Don't turn on the cloaking immediately after the product is approved, because Google may send some real people to see your URL after they approve it.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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