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How to Run Replica Products Ads on Facebook | From A-Z

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Welcome! Today I will share with you one of the ways in which you can promote replica products on Facebook without getting your ads rejected or accounts banned, and to maintain a high level of profit.

There are 5 basic steps we need to follow:

  1. Warm up the ad account on Facebook

  2. Cloak your store

  3. Setup Facebook Pixel

  4. Create Creatives

  5. Campaign creation and targeting

Step 1: Warm Up the Ad Account on Facebook:​

You must warm up your ad account well and slowly. For example, for a FB account you would do the following:

  • Log in to the account you bought and close the browser without logging out

  • After 3 hours open the browser and create a new page

  • After 1 hour add the page to your BM

  • After 3 hours add your payment card to the Ad account

  • After 5 hours create a campaign with a $15 daily budget

  • After 2 hours from the approval of your ads, you can gradually increase the budget, $10 each time

Step 2: Cloak your store

There are 2 ways to cloak your store:

1- Buy a new domain and upload your store on it

2- Add cloaking index file to your store

As for the white page, it is as important as the black page, because it is what will keep your ads running.

For replica products, your white page should be about: "Best T-shirt Brands" or "Best Shoes Brands" or whatever your store sells. This should not be difficult to write because all the information can be found online.

*Don't forget to put an image of the ads you create on the white page.

*Don't use external links on the White Page.

Step 3: Setup Facebook Pixel​

Add the Facebook pixel to the Thank You Page. This is very important in order to make Facebook bring similar people to those who purchase your products.

*Don't worry, if you install the Facebook pixel to your product page, it will not be detected . But you must follow the directions for creating the white page.

Step 4: Create Creatives

In the creative, you have to adhere to one rule. The rule is that the creative should be related to both the white and black page. You can choose any products in your store, but try to make it as a collection, not showing one product clearly.

*There's no need to write too much in the creative.

Step 5: Campaign creation and targeting

If you follow all the previous steps, this step will be the easiest one. You have to add "Engaged Shoppers" behavior with your targeted interests.

*Use "narrow audience" when you add Engaged Shoppers behavior.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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